Medical Research & Development

Are You In Need Of Medical Research Funding?

Capillary Foundation was founded in honor of the late Ardelle Glaze. Ardelle was a renowned medical innovator and patent holder who invented the drawn blazed strand (DBS)Ⓡ method for pacemaker leads. Through this invention and others, he helped save and improve the lives of thousands of patients. Our health nonprofit seeks to continue Ardelle’s legacy of improving patient care. That is why we are proud to provide medical research funding to individuals possessing the same innovative spirit with which Ardelle tackled every challenge he faced.

How We Help Health Care Innovators

Independent medical research and development can potentially improve the health care options available to patients around the world. By offering financial aid in these industries, we hope to advance high-quality medical care for the eventual benefit of as many patients as possible.

Medical Research Grants

There is a high demand for medical research funding throughout the healthcare industry. While receiving funding is challenging enough with so much competition, grants from government agencies and large corporations sometimes come with a funding bias. These biases tend to shift the focus of the research to the profit it will ultimately bring to the contributor rather than the quality of healthcare it could provide to patients.

This is why independent grants are a better alternative. With independent grants, researchers can carry out their projects solely for the benefit of their future patients. In addition, these types of grants mean that researchers have the freedom to design their experiments without worrying about whether they hold commercial relevance for large corporations. This allows them to pursue research that is not typically funded in healthcare, which may lead to invaluable medical advancement over time.

Why Our Nonprofit Funds Healthcare Research

Research is a vital way to improve the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, medical research and development is a costly process. Moreover, much of the funding available to research scientists and inventors comes from large companies with a vested interest in the project’s outcome.

Independent researchers and developers are extremely important to the future of the medical industry. This independence is essential to ensure that new treatments and technologies are developed for the benefit of patients, not for the profit of companies.

Our health nonprofit is here to offer medical research grants to independent research scientists and medical professionals who need the space to study and invent without someone else’s agenda imposed on their work.

Eligibility For Medical Research Funding From Capillary Foundation 

If you have an idea for improving the quality of healthcare in any field, you are eligible to apply for Capillary Foundation’s medical research funding. We have intentionally avoided specifying a particular area of interest because we want to help every patient battling an injury or disease. We are willing to fund any researcher with an idea for improving patient care, and we believe everyone deserves a chance. 

For this reason, any medical researcher within the United States of America and its territories (Guam, Puerto Rico) is welcome to apply. If you have an idea to help raise the standard of patient care but lack the necessary funding, consider yourself eligible for one of our grants.

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The first step for receiving medical research funding from our nonprofit health organization is filling out our application form. Please fill out the form once. Multiple repeat submissions are not permitted, as they will slow down our assessment process. Once we receive your application, we will be in touch as soon as possible regarding the next steps.

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This is the first step in applying for funding from Capillary Foundation. Please fill out this form thoroughly and only once. We review applications in the order in which we receive them. Multiple applications from the same individual or team are not permitted at this time, as they could slow down our assessment process. We will be in touch soon regarding your application status.