Areas of Disbursement

Learn How Our Health Nonprofit Funds Individuals & Businesses

As a smaller health nonprofit, Capillary Foundation has a huge mission that motivates us: we believe the current medical funding system is broken and want to help change it.

We believe that our organization is unique from other medical funding companies because we provide financial backing to medical researchers and medical device innovators who are actively engaged in the process of development or research, regardless of their given field.

How Capillary Foundation is Different From Other Medical Funding Companies

Currently, there are many companies and nonprofits out there that provide health research funding for innovators in medical-related fields. These organizations have highly competitive grant programs and tend to focus on specific fields of medicine. 

When you consider that the source of medical research funding has the potential to impact the results of a project, it only shows how important it is to provide researchers and innovators with an unbiased source of accessible funds. 

We believe our health nonprofit is distinct from these other options because we are approachable in a way other organizations are not. We consider any medical research projects or devices for funding, and we do not discriminate based on income level, education level, or project status. 

As long as your device can help improve the quality of patient care, we want to hear about it. Above all, our goal is to find new and better ways to treat the life-changing diseases and injuries that patients face.

By supporting these researchers and inventors, we are helping to advance medical science as a whole and improve patients’ futures. We are proud to be able to make this contribution to the field of medicine, and we hope that you will consider joining us in this effort by applying for one of our grants.

Our Medical Grant Program

Our medical grant program provides funding to professional researchers and device innovators who are either working as an individual or as part of a company. 

Our goal is to break down the barriers present in the current science funding system, which can be highly competitive. These barriers prevent many researchers and innovators from accessing the funding they need to develop their potentially life-saving work.

If you are a medical researcher, innovator, or scientist actively engaged in the process of the development of medical devices or research and are looking for funding to support your work, Capillary Foundation has grants that you can apply for in the fields of: 

  • Medical research
  • Development of medical devices

When you apply for our grants, you will be considered as long as you can provide documentation showing that the funds will be used for bona fide research or innovation in either of these two fields.

Apply To Work With Our Health Nonprofit

Capillary Foundation is a unique health nonprofit because we are more accessible and willing to fund any research or devices that show promise in the medical community. Our goal is to help patients receive the best possible care; your innovation could be instrumental in making that happen. 

Are you a researcher or inventor who is actively engaged with a promising medical device or treatment that could improve patient care? If so, the Capillary Foundation wants to hear from you. Visit our Apply Now page to request an application and learn more about the eligibility requirements for our research and medical device funding.

Need Financial Assistance for Your Medical Innovations? Apply Now!

This is the first step in applying for funding from Capillary Foundation. Please fill out this form thoroughly and only once. We review applications in the order in which we receive them. Multiple applications from the same individual or team are not permitted at this time, as they could slow down our assessment process. We will be in touch soon regarding your application status.