What Makes Capillary Foundation Special

Capillary Foundation is an independent nonprofit healthcare organization that provides medical research and device funding for innovative individuals in the healthcare field. Founded on the principles of perseverance, kindness, and creativity, we aim to help researchers and innovators improve and save the lives of countless patients worldwide through their work.

No Outside Interests

We are not affiliated with any business organization or political party at Capillary Foundation. We have no hidden agenda and will place no bias on the outcome of the projects we fund. Our sole goal is to move the medical industry forward by funding healthcare innovations.

Healthcare Innovation in Our DNA

The inspiration for this foundation, the late Ardelle Glaze, was a research scientist and inventor. Collectively, his family has more than 50 years of experience in the medical industry, and his daughter, Karan, started this foundation in his honor.

We Welcome All Healthcare Innovators

Our healthcare industry can be improved in many ways, so we have chosen not to limit our funding to any particular field. We are open to evaluating all opportunities involving progress in the healthcare space.

Our Mission

Ardelle Glaze was a devoted researcher and inventor who improved the lives of countless people through his healthcare innovations. Our mission is to provide funding for like-minded innovators of this generation. We want to help anyone with the knowledge and imagination necessary to create new medical devices and improvements in the healthcare industry for the benefit of the many patients who need their help.

If you are one of those innovators, we want to learn more about your project. We make it a practice to be generous, reliable, and accessible to inventors in the healthcare space. We hope to be a part of what you are doing to improve and save lives through your healthcare innovations by providing financial assistance.

Areas of Focus

If you are a medical researcher or inventor needing funding to make your healthcare improvements a reality, you are the kind of individual we want to help. We seek to provide funding for any medical device or healthcare improvement. Visit our Areas of Focus page to learn more.

Medical Devices

Just like with medical research, medical device development funding opportunities are fraught with bias issues – if you can even secure the funding in the first place with so much competition. Capillary Foundation seeks to provide independent funding to independent device developers and researchers. This way, they can focus on creating the most beneficial devices for their patients without pressure from an organization negatively influencing them for specific results that benefit them over the patients.

Medical Research

Medical research funding is often highly competitive and frequently comes with non-ideal expectations based on the bias of the nonprofit healthcare organization or other entity providing the funding. With funding from Capillary Foundation, however, researchers and developers are free to follow the research where it leads them for the ultimate benefit of the patients, without any bias or pressure for specific results from an organization looking for a financial ROI on their investment.

Areas of Disbursement

Unlike most funding from nonprofit healthcare organizations, we do not discriminate against individuals with certain income levels, education, or experience. If you have the knowledge and creativity to bring about improvements in the healthcare field, we are here to help. Visit our Areas of Disbursement page for more information.


We offer grants for research scientists and medical industry inventors to assist with their research and development. We know how competitive and frustrating securing funding can be. That is why we want to help you help many patients in the future with your project by providing medical research and device grants. There are people out there whose lives your research could improve or even save, and we want to help remove the barriers to making that possible.

Need Financial Assistance for Your Medical Innovations? Apply Now!

This is the first step in applying for funding from Capillary Foundation. Please fill out this form thoroughly and only once. We review applications in the order in which we receive them. Multiple applications from the same individual or team are not permitted at this time, as they could slow down our assessment process. We will be in touch soon regarding your application status.