Medical Devices

Need Medical Device Funding for Your Invention?

Capillary Foundation was founded in honor of the late research scientist and inventor Ardelle Glaze. The goal of our organization is to keep his memory and passion for research alive by providing medical device funding to researchers and inventors. Through our financial assistance programs, we can help these researchers as they seek to improve the quality of care available to patients in the healthcare industry.

How We Help Medical Device Innovators

Capillary Foundation is a medical nonprofit organization that provides funding to medical device innovators through our grants. We aim to enable the development of innovative devices with the potential to positively affect the lives of patients in need of new medical technologies.

Medical Research Grants

Medical professionals and research scientists continually strive to improve the healthcare options available to patients. These people spend their lives working tirelessly to invent new medical devices and processes to improve the lives of others. However, refining a new medical invention and putting it through the rigorous testing required to bring it to market is a long and challenging process.

Did you know it takes 17 years for a device to advance from research to reality? Lives that otherwise could have been saved may be lost in the time it takes for that device to be developed. One of the reasons the process takes so long is that acquiring the astronomical funding needed to bring a device to market is challenging.

The average cost of bringing a low to medium-risk medical device to market is $31 million. The average cost for a high-risk medical device is a whopping $94 million. We hope our grants for medical equipment development will help healthcare innovators keep their discoveries moving at a good pace. This way, they can be made available as soon as possible to the patients they are designed to help.

Why Our Nonprofit Funds Medical Device Companies

Just like the individual inventors mentioned above, we know there are also medical device companies that have so much to offer the healthcare industry but lack the necessary funds to make their innovations a reality.

That is where our medical nonprofit comes in. Our goal is to help medical device companies continue their vital work and make it available to those who need it. By doing so, we hope to help patients needing specialized care gain access to the latest treatments and technologies. 

We want to make it easier for medical companies to keep doing their vital, life-saving work. For this reason, we hope our medical funding plays a crucial role in helping these companies advance medical care and improve patients’ lives worldwide.

Eligibility For Medical Device Funding From Capillary Foundation 

We have been purposefully open-minded about the types of medical devices we will consider funding. This is because we do not want to limit funding opportunities to a specific area of the medical field. We aim to make funding available to researchers and inventors in all areas of the healthcare space. Also, any resident within the United States of America and its territories (Guam, Puerto Rico) is welcome to apply.

Apply Now To Be Considered For Medical Device Funding 

Are you researching or developing a medical device that could improve or save the lives of patients? We want to hear from you! Fill out our application now to complete the first step of applying for funding from Capillary Foundation. Please only fill out the form once. We will be in touch soon regarding your application status, and multiple submissions from the same individual will slow down our assessment process.

Need Financial Assistance for Your Medical Innovations? Apply Now!

This is the first step in applying for funding from Capillary Foundation. Please fill out this form thoroughly and only once. We review applications in the order in which we receive them. Multiple applications from the same individual or team are not permitted at this time, as they could slow down our assessment process. We will be in touch soon regarding your application status.