Partner With Our Medical Nonprofit By Applying Today

If you are passionate about making a difference in the world of medical research, consider partnering with our medical nonprofit. Our financial assistance is aimed at breaking down the barriers of the traditional medical funding system. 

That way, we can help researchers, innovators, and scientists better access the funds they need to make potentially life-changing discoveries. By helping these bright minds achieve their goals, we are working towards our mission of improving human health and patient care for all.

How to Apply to Our Medical Nonprofit

Apply for financial assistance from the Capillary Foundation today and see how far it can take you!

We pride ourselves on our approachability and accessibility. Anyone in the US, Guam, or Puerto Rico is welcome to apply – regardless of your field of work, income, or level of education.

To apply, simply fill out the application form below. In your application, please be sure to include your: 

  • Plans for financial stability 
  • Influence on the medical community to date.
  • Ethics code for your research or clinical trials
  • Goals for measuring success or outcomes
  • Proof of financial hardship (while all applicants will be considered, we will prioritize those who are most disadvantaged)

Upon approval of the request, we will send you a notice of the intent to award, and you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the funds. 

Once the agreement is finalized, we will establish a disbursement date, and then funds will be disbursed to the recipient via check, electronic deposit, or wire. 

Awardees are free to publicly share that they have received this award with friends, family, and the general public. In addition, we encourage all recipients to share the results of their work with us as the project progresses.

Capillary Foundation Application FAQs

What Can I Expect After I Apply?

After filling out and submitting the form below, we will contact you via email if we have any further questions or need to see any other supporting documents. 

Depending on the volume of other applicants, you can expect to hear back from us within the quarter you applied. If you have been approved, we will email you a notice of the intent to award so you can accept the funds and set up your preferred payment method.

Is The Application Form The Same For All Forms of Financial Assistance?

Yes, the application form is the same for both our medical research and medical device grants. 

What Do I Need To Do After I Submit My Application?

We will follow up with you if any further information is needed. Otherwise, simply wait to hear back from us by the end of the quarter you applied in.

If you would like to check on the status of your application, feel free to follow up with us over email.

Should I Apply Multiple Times To Your Medical Nonprofit?

Due to the heavy volume of applicants we receive, we are unable to accept multiple submissions at this time. For this reason, please only submit one application to be considered. We respond to applications in the order we receive them, so multiple submissions will only slow down the process.

After submitting your application, please wait to hear back from us with further instruction.

Does Capillary Foundation Fund Projects Outside The Medical Field?

While we primarily specialize in the medical research and medical device fields, we will consider funding projects in other fields as long as they are directly correlated with the medical industry and advances our purpose in improving patient care.  

Need Financial Assistance for Your Medical Innovations? Apply Now!

This is the first step in applying for funding from Capillary Foundation. Please fill out this form thoroughly and only once. We review applications in the order in which we receive them. Multiple applications from the same individual or team are not permitted at this time, as they could slow down our assessment process. We will be in touch soon regarding your application status.